Our Mission→

The New and Emerging Media (NEM) division of University Communications and Marketing (UCM), provides strategic and tactical leadership by applying expertise in all digital media to University partners and clients. The department serves as the primary steward of client goals and objectives and works closely with new media planning teams across campus to transform ideas into actions. In close consultation with Editorial and Creative Services, New and Emerging Media ensures a high level of quality in all final deliverables.

NEM works closely in conjunction with UCM staff, University administrators and central IT staff in the planning, organization, development, maintenance and delivery of UNH's new media, social media, multimedia initiatives; web coding and mandated design standards; e-mail and texting initiatives; UNH's web and social presence, mobile / tablet apps, and responsive design techniques. Our staff directs the management of UNH's global internet presence with strategic emphasis on its use as an integrated management and marketing tool to position UNH as an innovative leader in the education market.

What does this mean?

We develop content for the top level UNH Web pages. Sometimes we do this on our own, but mostly we collaborate with our friends across campus such as Media Relations, Editorial and Creative Services, Alumni communications and the UNH Foundation.

We manage content for top level UNH Web pages. This means that we populate the UNH homepage, the UNH Blog and work with Media Relations to populate UNHToday. Sometimes the content came from us, sometimes not.

We manage web best practices and standards. We deliver guidelines to support the UNH community regarding the proper use of UNH design specifications. We also provide a downloadable toolkit to facilitate interdepartmental website production, and offer consultation to those within the development process.

We manage the social media strategy for UNH. We provide guidelines and education to the UNH community regarding the proper use of social media. We also provide Facebook ad support to units such as UNH admissions.

We manage App development for Smartphones. Working closely with UNH IT, we develop and improve UNH apps for iPhones, iPads and other smartphones.

We manage the UNH Calendar.