Our Staff

Bridget Finnegan, Director

Bridget has been at UNH since 2001. Prior to her current position she was University Webmaster. Before UNH, Bridget had a career as a print designer and illustrator. She has a BFA from Washington University in Saint Louis. Explore the minutia of her life in her illustrated blog www.bridgetfinnegan.com. @bridgee. Email Bridget.


Neil Larson, Web Architect & UI Designer

Neil began exploring web design and development amidst an era of <blink> tags and scrolling marquees. Nowadays, Neil tackles web design and coding projects with a focus on visual strategy, web standards, accessibility, user experience, and responsive design. Neil also engages in strategic planning, consulting and development of online ad campaigns, mobile applications and multimedia presentations - with follow-up analytics, tracking and reporting.


Jason Boucher, Social Media Coordinator

Jay has been associated with UNH since 1993 when he began working for WUNH 91.3 FM. A former play-by-play announcer for UNH men’s hockey and music director, he has always been passionate about media. Jay’s duties involve engaging students, faculty, staff, and alumni through social media and creating further avenues to bolster UNH's online communication. Jay also acts as president of Social Media Club New Hampshire and co-host’s seacoast New Hampshire TweetUp events. @bouchermedia.


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