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Native American



Saturday, November 3, 2012
Granite State Room, Memorial Union Building (MUB)
83 Main Street, Durham NH 03824

Black Thunder Drum Community encouraged to dance
It was great to see old friends and make new ones in the circle Head Dancers Stacy and Mike

UNH NACA Pow wow dancers

Photos courtesy Sean McGhee, UNH Director of Multicultural Affairs

UNH NACA Pow Wow attracted Indigenous vendors Indigenous Flutes


9:00 am Gates Open

12:00 p.m. Grand Entry

5:00 p.m. Closing



Native American Drumming & Dancing

Native American Flute Playing

Native Arts & Craft Vendors

Native American Food Vendor

The UNH Native American Cultural Association (NACA) will be hosting a Native American Powwow on the campus of the University of New Hampshire on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at the Memorial Union Building (MUB), Granite State Room. This event is free and the public is welcome. NACA is a member group of the University of New Hampshire's Diversity Support Coalition. Their mission is to help raise awareness, advance respect, and further the understanding of the cultures, traditions, and teachings of the Native community.

Powwow time is the Native American people's way of meeting together, to join in dancing, singing, and visiting, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It is to renew thought of the old ways and preserve a rich heritage. This is also a time where people who are unfamiliar with the culture can learn and ask questions. Planned are several Indigenous Drums along with the possiblility of Flute and Storytelling entertainment. Be sure to plan accordingly on visiting several of the Native Arts & Craft vendors, as well as to sample Indigenous foods. Gates open at 9 am, Grand Entry will be at noon, with the closing ceremony at 5 pm.

PARKING: Campus parking is free on Saturdays. Click here for parking map. It is important to note that Residential Parking (dark green on the map) is not available to the public and may result in a fine. Choice parking for this event will be in B-Lot. However any Faculty and Staff parking lots are availble. Regarding C-Lot, another event has this space reserved for Saturday morning. Handicap parking spots can be found within the Holloway Commons round-about. Vendor RV parking is available at Lot II (dirt lot), which we are pleased to report does have power.

GRANITE STATE ROOM: The Granite State Room is located on Level 2 of the Memorial Union Building (MUB). For vendors or individuals who are dropping supplies or members of their party off before parking in B-Lot, you are able to use the Holloway Commons round-about (access off of Main Street). No parking is available on the round-about with the exception of a few handicap spots. Take the round-about to the MUB entrance. You'll enter the building on Level 3. As you enter around the corner, on the left is the elevator. Take the elevator or stairs to Level 2. Go right as you exit the elevator. The Granite State Room is at the very end of the hall. Follow the signage and you should be in good shape.

For the rest of us who are walking from B-Lot, you can either walk along Quad Way (the road between Hitchcock and Gibbs Halls) or the foot path along the other or west-side of Hitchcock. The difference is the west-side foot path leads you to a ramp to the MUB without stairs and Quad Way to a series of stairs. Either will have you enterring on Level 1. You'll want to make your way to Level 2. The Granite State Room is the room located on the south east side of the building or closest to the direction of B-Lot. Again, follow the Pow Wow signs or ask passerbys for directions.


(Drums and flutes welcome. Vendors by invitation. Please contact na.ca@unh.edu)


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