The Mechanical Engineering Program curriculum requires five technical elective courses of at least three credits each. These may be selected from 600-700 level courses in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, except for one course that may be selected from one of the following 400-500 level courses: ENE 520, ESCI 501, ECE 543, and MATH 445.

Two technical electives can be used for studying a focused area such as a foreign language, professional program, or minor, with department approval, with the restriction that only one course can be at the 400 or 500 level. These five technical elective courses should be selected in consultation with a departmental advisor to lead to a balanced program that addresses chosen areas of interest.

Students must satisfy the University's Discovery Program requirements. 
The following features are unique to students in the Mechanical Engineering Program:

  • All students are required to take an Inquiry course or an Inquiry Attribute course during their first two years. This can be satisfied with ME 441. Students who are exempted from ME 441 due to prior CAD experience must select an Inquiry 444 course or a course with an Inquiry Attribute.
  • The Discovery Environment, Technology, and Society category requirement is met upon receiving a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • The Discovery Social Science category must be satisfied with either ECON 402 or EREC 411.
  • The Discovery Senior Capstone Experience is satisfied with either ME 755 and 756 or TECH 797.

Some programs may require additional elective courses to reach the minimum of 128 credits required for graduation. Other programs may exceed 128 credits to include all the required courses.