Joseph Klewicki, Professor

Joseph Klewicki, Professor

Jere Chase O.E. Lab, 121C
(603) 862-3113


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1989
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1985
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1983

Prof. Klewicki joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at UNH in 2005.

Joe Klewicki's Curriculum Vitae

Research Areas

Joe Klewicki's areas of specialization are in Experimental methods in fluid mechanics, turbulent and unsteady flows, vorticity dynamics, boundary layers. For more detailed information about Prof. Klewicki's research, please see the Center for Fluid Physics site.


Scholarly Book Chapters

  • Klewicki, J. and Mehdi, F. 2010 Modified hierarchy structure of rough-wall flows,  in IUTAM Symposium on The Physics of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows on Rough-Walls, (T.B. Nickels, editor), Springer Verlag, 135.
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Refereed Journal Articles

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