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    Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Statistics

    The Department of Mathematics & Statistics has a diverse group of faculty, representing areas of core and applied mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics. We encourage and welcome all students who share our interests in the mathematical sciences to pursue a major or minor program of study. Our mission is twofold: to prepare students for a variety of exciting and rewarding career opportunities in business, industry, government and the teaching professions; and to advance forefront knowledge in the areas of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education through world-class cutting-edge research.

  • Statistics


    The department offers a Bachelor, a Graduate Certificate, a Master and a Ph.D. program in Statistics. The Bachelor of Statistics prepares students for careers as analysts and data scientists in a variety of industries as well as in government. The program also provides extensive statistics background needed for an actuary career. The Master of Statistics serves both, as a professional degree for upper-level data science positions in industry and government, as well as a preparation for entry in statistics Ph.D. programs. There is the option of enrolling in a 5-year accelerated Bachelor-Master program. The class sizes in these programs typically are small and hands-on data analysis using statistical software is an integral part in most courses

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  • Integrated Applied Mathematics Program

    Integrated Applied Mathematics Program

    The IAM Ph.D. is a unique Applied Mathematics program designed to facilitate interdisciplinary research among graduate students and participating faculty. This interdisciplinary program gives students the opportunity to explore the frontier where the sciences meet cutting-edge mathematical analysis and high performance computing.

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  • PhD in Mathematics Education

    PhD in Mathematics Education

    The program provides doctoral candidates with strong foundations in mathematics education research, theories of mathematics teaching and learning, and mathematics curriculum. The degree also requires completion of graduate mathematics coursework in algebra, analysis, and topology. The PhD dissertation is a scholarly study which involves original research in mathematics education. Doctoral candidates will be prepared to conduct research in mathematics education; to teach mathematics education courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels; and to teach mathematics courses at the undergraduate level.

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  • Majoring in Mathematics at UNH

    Majoring in Mathematics at UNH

    Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Mathematics Education.

    The department’s position in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences results in close connections with other mathematically intensive disciplines, which provide increased opportunities for our students.

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Master of Science for Teachers (MST) Master of Science for Teachers (MST)

The Master of Science for Teachers is a graduate degree program in mathematics designed primarily for secondary mathematics teachers at the University of New Hampshire. The program is typically completed in two to three summers, and online course options are available.
It is also possible to take MST courses without enrolling in the MST degree program. This option is particularly popular with individuals who are interested in obtaining certification to teach secondary school mathematics, since MST courses have traditionally satisfied content area requirements in teacher certification programs. learn more...

Yitang Zhang- MacArthur Fellow, Mathematician, Professor,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of New Hampshire