Student Life at UNH

UNH Outdoor Movies

UNH students crave the active life. And they find what they're looking for with concerts, outdoor movies, beach volleyball games, residence hall competitions, and special events like the Martin Luther King Jr. Summit.

Residential life: close to the action

UNH offers a range of residential opportunities: from small halls housing 45 students, to large buildings of 600. You can also choose from living communities organized around themes, where students share an interest in music, outdoor adventure, computing, and other pursuits.

UNH students cheer watching a game
UNH students in a dorm room

94% of first-year students live on campus

The dining experience

UNH Dining Services has garnered dozens of awards for its fresh and delicious cuisine, which ranges from vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free, to ethnic cuisine and good old meat and potatoes.

We're No. 1! UNH Dining Services won the Culinary Institute of America's 2012 Goldies Award for Health and Wellness

The active life, indoors and out

Campus recreation and athletics offer great opportunities for you to stay fit and socialize at UNH. We are a Division I university with something for everyone. Our intercollegiate athletes are nationally known for making the grade on and off the athletic field.

Not into Division I sports? There are club sports and intramurals that challenge all intensity levels. College is a great time to experiment with new sports. Ever try broomball or ultimate frisbee?

UNH Chinese New Year Celebration 2014

UNH Chinese New Year Celebration 2014

Not one but many communities

UNH University Day

So, what kind of community will you find at UNH? The truth is you'll discover many overlapping communities.

Some student communities express ethnic or cultural diversity. Others include people who share an academic or career interest. Because leadership is a highly prized asset in our world, many organizations help you develop this skill in areas as diverse as music and marketing, organic gardening and outdoor adventure sports, journalism, juggling, radio DJ'ing and so much more.