Emergency and Storm Information

Curtailed operations for UNH Durham notices are displayed here.


Sign up for UNH Alerts and receive curtailment announcements on your mobile device or e-mail.
Download Ping4 for Apple and Android for alerts.
Dial 862-0000 for curtailment information. Please do not tie up phone lines by repeated dialing.
Televison and radio outlets 

Curtailment notification announcements are made by 6 a.m., when possible. The decision to curtail operations is made because road conditions are dangerous, the campus is unprepared for parking and pedestrian traffic, or there are utility and power outages. The decision to curtail typically relates to teaching, research, public service, and administration.

In the event of a power outage, please visit Public Service of New Hampshire.

Transportation Services

Wildcat Transit and Campus Connector will be out of service during curtailed operations.

If UNH is curtailed for the day:
There will be no service on the Campus Connector and the Wildcat Transit routes.
For more specific information please visit www.unh.edu/transportation

If UNH is delayed:
Wildcat Transit routes will begin running 1 hour prior to UNH opening.  
The Campus Connector will begin running ½ hr prior to UNH opening.
For more specific information please visit www.unh.edu/transportation

If UNH has an early release:
Wildcat Transit and the Campus Connector routes will operate for approximately 1 hr after UNH closes.
For more specific information please visit www.unh.edu/transportation

Transportation and parking information

Dining Services

Whenever curtailment is called, all retail venues (Wildcatessen, Union Court-MUB, Albert’s at Kingsbury, Zeke’s at the Library, the Dairy Bar and Philbrook Café) will close until the University reopens. In addition, Stillings Hall will close until the University reopens.  Holloway Commons and Philbrook Hall will operate from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. It may be necessary to close dining operations or retail venues early due to inclement weather regardless if curtailed operations is called. Notices will be posted in all facilities as soon as decisions are made.

Use Common Sense

If we do not declare curtailed operations, all offices are open and all classes are held as scheduled. We must naturally make our determination based on available weather forecasts and the predicted condition of the campus and immediate vicinity. If staff consider that traveling conditions near their home are unsafe, they may choose to stay home. They can take vacation or earned time, use accrued compensatory time, make prior arrangements with their supervisor to telework from home, or take advantage of another flexible work arrangement, as outlined in USNH’s Flexible Work Alternatives Policy.

Special Events

Patrons or fans of campus events with advance (pre-sold) tickets that are scheduled to be held when UNH is under curtailment are strongly urged to call one of the following venue phone numbers to verify that the event is still being held. Attendees at these events are also urged to pay close attention to weather-related travel advisories and exercise caution in winter weather. The University of New Hampshire cannot be liable for individual decisions to enter the campus during weather-related curtailment of operations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Key phone numbers: 
Museum of Art: 862-3712 
Theatre and Dance: 862-2919
Music: 862-2404 
Whittemore Center Box Office: 862-4000 
Memorial Union Building (MUB): 862-2600
Field House / Athletics: 862-2596

This information is provided by the Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration.