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Jason Boucher - Social Media

Presentation available on Slide Share



Kim Wall - Social Media



Dawn Zitney - Social Media



Bridget Finnegan - Social Media - Facebook Ads




Martha Barker & Dave Moore - Branding and Graphic Identity

Editorial and Creative Services



Neil Larson - Increase your Web Savvy & Upgrade your Browser

Browsers, HTML:

Font resources for web design:

  • Google Fonts - hundreds of free fonts available for web use
  • Font Squirrel - scours many sites to find the webfont you need
  • Adobe Typekit - beautiful unique web fonts (requires subscription)
  • - fine typography for the web (requires subscription)
UNH Blue:
Since the early days of the Internet, color value #000066 (hexadecimal code) has been used as a web safe equivalent to convey UNH Blue (Pantone 288). This is actually an inaccurate depiction of true UNH blue.
True UNH Blue is better defined as a palette than as a strictly defined value.
Approved hexadecimal values of UNH Blue include:




Other UNH-related Resources:

Scott Ripley



Erika Mantz and Lori Wright - Getting Your Story Out



Cynthia Cargill- Get organized! Preparing your Materials for Building your Website