Jill Ann Fitzsimmons

Jill Ann Fitzsimmons is the course instructor for DPP 902 - Economic Analysis for Development for the Master of Arts in Community Development Policy and Practice program at the Carsey Institute.

Jill is a community economic development practitioner with over fifteen years' of field experience in the U.S., leading grassroots organizing, advocacy, and project management to support national, state, and local organizations' initiatives. Jill holds an M.S. in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. She is currently a PhD candidate in Resource Economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she teaches the Focus Enterprise section of Introduction to Resource Economics, an introductory microeconomics course. Immediately prior to pursuing her doctorate, Jill worked with the Franklin County Community Development Corporation in Greenfield, MA to develop and manage the Extended Season Farm to Institution Project, which leverages a medium-scale community food processing center to freeze and can regionally-grown produce for area schools and hospitals. Jill's research explores the relationship between for-profit firms' social preferences and regional economic development, and emphasizes historical and structural factors that contribute to economic institutions. Jill's dissertation explores the economic relationship between the goals of community-led regionalization of food systems and the industrial organization of the food industry. Other research interests include the relationship between for- and not-for-profit firms' values, structure, and intended outcomes.