About Iota Phi

Kappa Kappa Psi is a coed fraternity that provides service to the college and university bands. Our projects have included:

Although we are a service fraternity, we also bond together as a brotherhood. We have to have fun!!! We do activities together or sometimes just hang out at each other's dorm rooms and apartments! If we can't get along together, how can we serve the bands together?


The Iota Phi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was installed on May 8, 1993 by its big brother chapter, Epsilon Nu, from UMass Amherst. The installed colony consisted of 15 people:

  1. Colony President: David Emmanuel
  2. Colony Vice President: Teresa (St. Onge) Downing
  3. Colony Secretary: Sharon Phipps
  4. Colony Treasurer: Elizabeth Brackett
  5. Colony Historian: Richard Plouffe
  6. Peter Aliski
  7. Christopher Carroll
  8. Sean Cohen
  9. Brian Cramer
  10. Nancy Donovan
  11. Linda Fitzgerald
  12. Nat Grosky
  13. Michelle Vanasse
  14. Steve Workman
  15. Colony Sponsor: Christopher Humphrey (Honorary)

Since the installation, our chapter has worked hard to live up to the ideals of the National Fraternity. We have expanded their membership to include the Marching and Symphonic Bands and the Wind Symphony at the University. Every member strives to serve each group in some way.