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August 2015:
* Welcome back!
* Aug 31, 2015 - First meeting

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Want to find out more information about juggling? Check out some of the online resources for news groups, videos, where to purchase your own juggling equipment, and more!


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2013/2014 Officers

Joshua Beaudet  (jdq93 at wildcats dot unh dot edu) -- Club President

Jason Paul  (jason at juggler dot net) -- Website issues


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This mailing list is how we communicate with the people who come to juggling. It's recommended you sign up for it if you want to be in the loop about last minute changes and happenings. It's very low volume averaging about 1 email a week.

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This mailing list is only used for summer juggling. If you're not around during the summer or have no interest in hearing about summer juggling reminders and chatter, then this list isn't for you.

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