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September 2017:
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Want to find out more information about juggling? Check out some of the online resources for news groups, videos, where to purchase your own juggling equipment, and more!


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Welcome to the UNH Juggling Club

The UNH Juggling Club has a very simple premise. We are open to anyone who juggles or wants to learn how to juggle.   That's pretty much it.

Come by for 5 minutes, or the full 3 hours. The club is very informal, and completely FREE!

If you don't have equipment, don't worry. There's always extra stuff laying around for you to try out. Don't know how to juggle? We'll teach you. Know the basics and want to learn some tricks? No problem. You want to pass clubs with people? We do a lot of that too! Come by and have some fun.


2016 Juggling Club Year Book Photo

2016 Juggling Club Year Book Photo
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September to May

Juggling Club Mailing List

When : Monday Nights 7pm to 10pm
Where: Memorial Union Building (MUB) Rooms 330/332

Official Schedule

2017-2018 Important Dates:

09/04/2017 Welcome back! First meeting of the school year.
09/12/2017 U-Day. T-Hall lawn - 3:30-6:30pm
Rain date: 09/14 - Wednesday
09/18/2017 Fall "Learn To Juggle" night at the club.
12/04/2017 Happy Holidays. Last meeting of the semester.
01/22/2018 First meeting of 2018.
02/2018 Date: TBD - Winter "Learn to Juggle" night at the club.
03/12/2018 No meeting. Spring Break.
04/2018 Date: TBD - Spring "Learn To Juggle"
05/14/2018 Last meeting of the school year.
06/04/2018 Summer Juggling Starts up.
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June to August

Summer Only Mailing List

When : Monday Nights 6pm to Dark (or mosquitoes)
Where : T-Hall Lawn on the lawn in front of the clock tower

Details: On nice Monday evenings in the summer we meet on Thompson Hall (T-Hall) lawn in the center of the UNH campus. We generally meet near the big flag pole. Because this is New Hampshire, the mosquitoes come out once it starts to get a little dark. This usually stops the juggling around 8pm.
A message will be sent out the group on Mondays regarding the meeting that night.