Poster Session

All participants are encouraged to present a poster at the 2015 IPCG Polymer Colloids Conference, please click the button below for you to be taken to an online form where you will be asked to submit your contact details, the title, and the abstract for your poster. GRS student attendeesare encouraged to present their poster both at the GRS and during the main IPCG Conference.

The poster board easles are 3ft x 4ft (92 cm x 122 cm) in dimensions for the hanging of your poster.

EASE: "Exciting and Simple Experiments"

A recent addition to the IPCG Polymer Colloids Conference (and Gordon Conference on Polymer Colloids prior to the IPCG Conference) has been the collection of short videos presenting “Exciting And Simple Experiments”. Exciting means that the recorded experiment comes along with a real interesting story about polymer colloids, elucidating the visible. And simple means, that the experiment can be carried out using tools simply available, like a personal computer. If you like your short video to be included in the EASE 2015 collection, please click the button below to enter your contact information. A response will be sent to you after you submit that form to indicate how/when/where to upload or send your video together with the exciting story.

EASE 2013: Experiments

  1. The Death of an Earthworm
  2. Chemotaxi from Warwick
  3. To Flow or Not to Flow?
  4. Attraction and Separation in Microfluidics
  5. Structure Arising from Chaos
  6. Dancing Latex Particles Getting Tired
  7. Some Latices Dry Faster
  8. Micelles Riding Rollercoaster

EASE 2011: Experiments

  1. Strictly Monomodal
  2. Drying Paint Warps the Wall
  3. Arrested Film Formation
  4. To Chain or Not to Chain
  5. Umbrella-Reduced Aggregation
  6. Nanoparticle Jamming
  7. 25 pico-Newton to Break a Bond
  8. How Colloidal Crystals Grow
  9. Whispering Gallery Mode

EASE 2009: Experiments

  1. When ´No´ Means ´No´ and Two Phases Separate
  2. When ´No´ Means ´Yes´ and Two Liquids are not Really Insoluble
  3. How Does a Nanoparticle Dance at the Interface?
  4. Dancing in a Flow Field
  5. Brownian Motion 3
  6. How to Eat Polystyrene? (1)
  7. Colors of a Stable Bubble
  8. Cracks will Crack You Up!
  9. How to Eat Polystyrene? (2)

EASE 2007: Experiments

  1. How to get water in the desert
  2. The drying coffee drop
  3. Printing nano-containers
  4. Repulsion and attraction of polymer colloids
  5. Card house of kaolinite
  6. Lux 2 Y
  7. Rotation of anisotropic colloids
  8. Waterfall of polymer colloids
  9. Thermally expandable polymer particles

EASE 2005: Experiments

  1. Micro dancing
  2. Bridging forces
  3. Brownian motion 2
  4. Muddy water,let stand becomes clear...
  5. Film formation
  6. Film formation of ethylene vinylacetate copolymer dispersion
  7. Coating paper
  8. Waterborne automotive coatings
  9. Nano Sponge

EASE 2003: Experiments

  1. Thickening agent
  2. Diversity matters
  3. Dilatancy
  4. Brightly colored emulsion
  5. Nicely ordered
  6. Color without dyes
  7. Stress warms up
  8. Brownian motion
  9. Nano-containers

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