Recent Alumni Survey

The University of New Hampshire has administered a Recent Alumni Questionnaire to its alums since the seventies.  Beginning with the class of 1998 (survey administered in 2000), the questionnaire underwent expansive revision, both in question content and in the format, adapting it to a scanned instrument.  Results since then have been posted online.

Beginning with the 2005 administration, the survey was sent only to undergraduate alumni.  Some respondents had earned a graduate degree between the degree awarded snapshot date and the date of survey administration.  To be consistent with previous displays, only those indicating they earned a bachelor’s degree are included in the tables. Currently, the questionnaire is administered every two years.

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College Freshman Survey* (CFS)

College Senior Survey* (CSS)

*Surveys conducted in accordance with the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP).

 If you have any questions about either the CFS or CSS, please contact Mary Essley at


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