Getting Help with FAR

For technical problems with the Digital Measures Faculty Activity Reporting tool as well as problems with entering your information or mistakes in the pre-populated data, please complete and submit this Web form to request help.


  • If you have browser related technical questions - please let us know what Operating System/Browser/Browser Version you are using and describe the nature of your problem.

For Example : I cannot use the pastebin, I am using Windows 7/Firefox version 11.0

  • If you have problems logging in - please let us know the exact steps you used to try logging in. We will use your UNH Username (provided above) to try and diagnose the problem.

For Example : I am unable to see the link to Faculty Activity Reporting when I log into Blackboard.  or   I clicked on the Faculty Activity Reporting link but it sends me to a page that shows me an error message. The error message is ....

  • If the pre-populated data within Digital Measures is incorrect - please let us know the name of the screen and the exact section where you see the error. Please copy and paste below the Incorrect text and the Correct version of the text.

For Example : My education data is incorrect. ScreenName :Education, It shows my PhD Institution as University of Hampshire, it should read University of New Hampshire.

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