Policies & Procedures


The USNH Online Policy manual website has been migrated to a new format.  Their IT team is still working to update the numerous web links to policy sections within the site.  

Please NOTE:  These changes also impact the UNH HR website as many areas of our site reference and link to the USNH online policy manual.  We are updating our pages as new links are built and we apologize for any challenges you may experience in locating the information you need.

Thank you, UNH Human Resources
July 16, 2015


University of New Hampshire Policies and Procedures

Listed in this section are policies and procedures that are applicable to our employees and our offices. Many of the items that are specific to or customized for our institution will be linked either to information within our site, another UNH department or will link directly to the appropriate page and section in the University of New Hampshire policy manual. 

If the policy/procedure you are seeking is applicable to all institutions under the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) then that link will connect directly to the correct page and section in the USNH Policy Manual.