De-provisioning Computer Accounts

June 10, 2014

Summer 2014:  De-provisioning Computer Accounts when an employee's status changes or ends is extremely critical.

De-provisioning Computer Accounts when an employee's status changes or ends is extremely critical for the protection of the university and the privacy of its students, employees and community to modify or remove computer access privileges to University resources.

We all have a responsibility to protect information, prevent harm to data, ensure privacy, and follow reporting requirements in all cases of security compromise. If we fail in this endeavor, sensitive, legally protected information will be at risk. This could result in long-term complications for individuals whose information is exposed, as well as financial and reputational damage to the university. In addition, we are all subject to federal and state laws and USNH/UNH policies that require protection of such information. Violation of these laws and policies could result in serious consequences.

Banner HR is the authoritative source for employee information and should reflect accurate employee status to assure that UNH Information Technology (UNH IT) modifies or removes computer access privileges effectively. Prompt notification of transferring or terminating employees to your BSC will assist with the timely processing of the EPAF. A completed EPAF is critical to ensure computer access privileges are changed or terminated at the close of business on the last day of employment, or on the day that duties change.

As a supervisor or manager you have an important role in supporting the university’s compliance to the laws and policies in place to protect access to sensitive information. Your part of the process ensures that computer access privileges are modified or removed appropriately. Unless you initiate the process to change an employee’s status with your BSC, UNH IT automated processes are not triggered to modify computer access privileges as required.

Please notify UNH IT of any extenuating circumstances requiring modification or termination of computer access privileges, such as in the case of a forced termination of an employee. Also, be sure to inform your departmental/college IT account administrator to modify or remove accounts to local information technology resources. The links below will help you in the de-provisioning process of UNH IT accounts.