FY15 Exempt Time and Leave records now available

June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014:  FY15 Time and Leave Recording Forms for Exempt and Post Doc employees now available

FY15 Exempt (PAT, EE, AA, PA, FY FAC) Leave Record/Post-Doc Leave Record (which can both be filled out using Excel) are now available for download on the UNH HR Forms page at: www.unh.edu/hr/forms.htm . Once on this page, apply the category filter to “Time and Leave”.

The direct link to the forms themselves are also available here:  www.unh.edu/hr/sites/unh.edu.hr/files/docs/exempt-leave-record-FY15.xls  AND www.unh.edu/hr/sites/unh.edu.hr/files/docs/postdoc-leave-record-FY15.xls

The 2nd worksheet tab of these spreadsheets is labeled "Instructions".  Please read through the instructions before beginning to use the spreadsheet if you are not already familiar with filling out the Exempt or Post-Doc Leave Record.

Any questions you may have regarding policies pertaining to Exempt Leave/Post-Doc recording usage should be directed to your respective HR Partner

Any questions regarding the spreadsheet itself can be directed to either your HR Partner or Kevin Hinchey, HR IT (862-0505).