Leaves - Vacation, Earned Time, Medical/Family, etc.

This page contains information for all of the different leave programs in place for UNH/USNH employees.  Access and review information for your appropriate leave coverage/benefits based on your employee job occupation type: Operating Staff (OS); Professional, Administrative, Technical Staff (PAT); Extension Educator (EE), Academic Administrator (AA), Fiscal Year (FY) Faculty or Tenure-Track AAUP Faculty.

Leaves for Exempt Employees (AA/PAT/EE/FY Faculty or Tenure-Track AAUP Faculty )

Leave of Absence (Sabbatical) for Tenure-Track Faculty (AAUP)

Please view the application and process information to apply for a sabbatical at:  www.unh.edu/provost/facultyleaves

Leaves for Non-Exempt Employees (OS)

Earned Time (ET):  A combined accrual and usage program to cover absences for - vacation, sick leave, interim disability, maternity leave, and short term military leave.