Function of Job

Under general supervision of responsible athletic official, to take measures necessary and appropriate for preventing athletic injuries; to screen and treat, based upon training or upon recommendation of physician, athletic disabilities and injuries, to provide emergency medical care; and to supervise and advise student trainers.

 Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Apply strapping, bandaging, or bracing designed to prevent or protect athletes against injury.
  2. Administer therapeutic techniques and modalities such as ultra sound, electrostimulation, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, as well as active, passive, and assistive exercises.
  3. Perform preliminary injury evaluation, and refer individuals to physicians as deemed appropriate.
  4. Work with physicians in determining extent of injury and when athlete can safely return to competition.
  5. Administer first aid to injured athletes.
  6. Develop conditioning programs.
  7. Recommend training menus and diets when appropriate, in cooperation with dietician:
  8. Supervise and advise student trainers.
  9. Teach basic athletic training course and advise on curriculum.
  10. Perform related duties as assigned. 

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree and one year of experience as an athletic trainer.
  2. Certification by the National Athletic Trainer's Association.


    Effective Date:      10/26/88


    *** NOTE: Revised - Original approved 9/14/76 as “Head Athletic Trainer” and revised 1/31/79 as “Athletic Trainer I”.***