Function of Job: 
Under general supervision of senior staff member, assist in providing service and support to the general academic and research community by maintaining scientific instrumentation. 

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Assist in the maintenance and repair of teaching and research equipment, such as multimeters and oscilloscopes, in university laboratories.
  2. Assist in the writing of preventative maintenance procedures for above equipment.
  3. Assist in maintaining data and records of repairs and maintenance performed on teaching and research equipment.
  4. Supervision of hourly staff as assigned.
  5. Perform other duties as assigned

  • Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: 
    1. Three years of directly related experience or Associate’s Degree in appropriate field of engineering or physics and one year of experience.
    2. Familiarity with various test equipment. (e.g., multimeters, oscilloscopes, resistive thermal devices).
    3. Familiarity with hand and small power tools (e.g., screwdrivers, pliers, power drill, soldering iron).
    4. Familiarity with computers and various software applications. (i.e., Microsoft Office, Windows XP, Unix, LabView).
    5. Basic communication skills, both verbal and written.

    Additional Desirable Qualifications:

    1. Experience in use of analytical or scientific instrumentation.

    System Approval:   7/25/05 

    Effective Date:        7/25/05

     This document is a generic classification specification of the University System of New Hampshire. Its purpose is to describe the representative responsibilities and general level of complexity and it is not a substitute for the specific job description of the individual position