Employee Handbooks (USNH)

USNH PAT and OS handbooks are intended to provide an overview of policies, procedures, and standards for our PAT and OS at the University of New Hampshire.

Please note that the information contained in these handbooks is intended as a guideline only. While the handbooks summarizes plans, programs, and policies, the exact terms of the written documents for these plans, programs, and policies take precedent. USNH reserves the right to make changes to these handbooks and any such plans, programs, and policies at any time without prior notice. More specific information is available in USNH's on-line Policy Manual.

These handbooks are not and should not be interpreted as a contract of employment between any current PAT or Operating Staff member or former PAT or Operating Staff member and UNH. If you have questions about any of the information in these handbook, you are encouraged to consult your campus Human Resources Office or the University System Human Resources Office.

Use the links below to view/download the applicable employee handbook for the most up to date information.