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Health & Wellness Benefits

Medicine Bottle RECYCLING available at Health Services

You can bring your empty medicine bottles to the UNH Health Services Pharmacy to be confidentially recycled.  Remove the label or use a marker to black out any personal health information on the empty container prior to recycling. Keep lakes, streams, estuaries, wildlife and fish healthy by not flushing or throwing away medication.

Life Coaching - EAP Benefit

Certified Life Coaching Services are available to you as a employee of UNH, as part of your Employee Assistance Program provider - APS Healthcare.  APS Healthcare's personal life coaching services are convenient, confidential and available to you at no cost.  You can receive telephonic coaching assistance scheduled at times to fit into your busy schedule.  Examples of topics that coachin

USNH Health & Wellness - Stress Reduction

USNH Health & Wellness has an extensive list of resources that can assist you in reducing STRESS, available through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for UNH benefits-eligible employees. 

Healthy UNH Resources info

That Healthy UNH's website has an extensive database of wellness resources available to faculty, staff and students here at UNH.  It is searchable by program name, health topic, departments, and eligible population.  Check it out!!!

HP Health Coaching

Harvard Pilgrim offers health coaching services for our subscribers. HP offers members 18 and older a personalized, telephonic support program, which includes a personal health coach. All coaches are registered nurses who have been certified in lifestyle management coaching, to help members make informed decisions about lifestyle management opportunities.

Support focuses on:

Gym Memberships

If you are a UNH Harvard Pilgrim subscriber you are eligible for up to a $500 benefit per year for a health club membership that is payable to a selected participating health club

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