Jury Duty & Witness Leave

USNH policy on Jury Duty and Witness Leave


A faculty or staff member will be granted Jury Duty Leave with pay for the purpose of serving on a jury or as a subpoenaed witness. A faculty or staff member subpoenaed for jury duty or as a witness must notify their supervisor as soon as possible to allow the department to make arrangements to accommodate the absence. A faculty or staff member suffers no loss of Vacation/Personal Leave, Earned Time or other benefits during the period of a leave of absence for jury duty.


The absence will be approved only for the period required for jury service or as a subpoenaed witness. A copy of the summons to serve on a jury or subpoena to appear as witness must be presented to the supervisor in advance of the service. Faculty/staff members are expected to report for work at those times when service on the jury or as a subpoenaed witness is not required. At the completion of jury duty or service as a witness, the supervisor must be furnished with evidence of jury service or service as a witness for the time claimed.

Pay Status

 The University System will pay the difference between the individual's regular budgeted salary and jury duty pay or subpoenaed witness fee (not including reimbursement for expenses) during the period of service. As an alternative, the individual serving may receive full pay for the period of service by remitting to the institution the compensation received from the court (not including reimbursement for expenses).

  • The employee will forward check (If you are signing a check over to UNH : sign the back and also write ‘payable to University of New Hampshire’. If sending personal check (minus mileage) make check payable to University of New Hampshire) and documentation of days served to his/her respective BSC for deposit. Each RC unit shall determine where the funds will be deposited (e.g., RC unit level account or departmental account). Revenue Account code 570369 “Misc Sources- Jury Duty Reimb” should be used on the CR05 deposit transactions. If receipts are being posted to an Auxiliary fund type, account code 59ZZ01 “Misc sources-Jury Duty Reimburse” should be used.
  • The Payroll Office also needs to be notified of these deposits for taxation purposes. The BSC will need to send an email to Payroll that includes the employee’s name, last 4 digits of the employee’s ID and the compensation amount. The Payroll Office will process an adjustment to the employee’s wage history to reduce the reportable Federal and FICA earnings in order that the employee doesn’t encounter over reported compensation for the tax year because they returned the jury money to USNH.
  • The BSC will forward jury duty documentation and copy of notification to HR for inclusion in employees personnel file.