Common UNH Acronyms and Terms

The following list includes the most common acronyms and terms used at UNH for offices, departments, positions, and miscellaneous items. Please visit the UNH Directories page for other listings available on our campus.

If you would like to recommend additional acronyms/terms to be added to this list, please contact us via e-mail.

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FACULTY Tenure and Non-Tenure Track Faculty
T & R Training and Research
T&A Time and Attendance
T-HALL Thompson Hall houses the University's administration. It is named for Benjamin Thompson, a wealthy farmer who left a generous bequest in 1890 to establish a college in Durham.
T2 Technology Transfer Center
TA Teaching Assistant
TASk Training in Academic Skills - now CFAR
TCS Telecommunications and Client Services
TECH Technology
THDA Theatre and Dance Department
TLC Teach and Learn Centers
TNH The New Hampshire - UNH Student Newspaper
TOUR Tourism Planning and Development Program
TPS Technical Professional Services - part of UNH IT
TSAS Thompson School of Applied Science
TSV Technology, Society, and Values