2014 AOP Conference - Workshop 'A' Descriptions

Workshop 'A' Descriptions 
10:00am - 11:30am 

Please review and be prepared to select and register for an 'A', 'B' and 'C' workshop to be registered for the full day. 
Partial registrations cannot be supported. 

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Just Because...You're Fierce and Fabulous

Do you want to rediscover your already Fierce and Fabulous self? Through discussion, guided meditation and an expressive arts activity, you will be able to explore who you are, what you value and your personal strengths. This is an empowering and creative session to help you gain self-awareness which can positively impact all aspects of your life. This session is based on Being Fierce and Fabulous, an empowerment group that UNH Health Services has been offering female students since 2007.  Learn more at unh.edu/health-services/fabulouswomen. 

Dawn D. Zitney, M.Ed., Communications and Information Coordinator, UNH Health Services and Co-Creator and Co-Facilitator of Being Fierce and Fabulous, women’s empowerment group


Professional Development Planning and Goal Setting for Career Enhancement

In the current economy, departments and organizations have smaller budgets and seemingly fewer advancement opportunities. It has become critical for each individual to be responsible for proactively seeking out opportunities for his/her own career development. Come join two of UNH's HR Partners in a conversation on finding your purpose, and identifying and setting goals for your career development. They will also provide tools for participants to begin the process of their own professional development planning.

Mary Eisenhauer, HR Partner

Patty Rooney, Business Affairs/HR Partner


Managing Chaos and Conflict

As workloads increase, does conflict increase, too? Do you find yourself wondering how you will get it all done? Are you in a pretty constant state of overwhelm?

Judy Ringer, author, trainer, and Aikido black belt, offers physical and emotional tools to help you manage yourself in order to manage the chaos and reduce the conflict in your life.

--Slow down and breathe.
--Choose to center yourself.
--Increase clarity of thought.
--Reinforce personal power and presence.

Join this workshop for an experiential training that will leave you relaxed and energized.

 Judy Ringer, Power and Presence Training


Meditation Practice: Becoming More Mindful in Everyday Life

Mindfulness meditation practice allows individuals to experience deep relaxation while learning how to be and live in the moment. Participants will have the opportunity to practice various types of mindfulness meditation in a relaxing, comfortable, and supportive environment.

Peter Welch, Wellness Educator/Counselor, UNH Health Services


Cooking at Home, Simply

Featuring easy Marinades and Vinaigrette Dressings - with Executive Chef, Todd Sweet and Registered Dietitian, Rochelle L’Italien from UNH Dining.  Sometimes it can be difficult to get dinner together at home, especially a meal that is flavorful, healthy and contains no processed, packaged foods. Our healthy chef cooking demonstration and discussion will help you learn simple ways to use whole food ingredients to create easily prepared and flavorful combinations you can use in many ways, including a variety of flavorful protein options, vinaigrette and marinade dressings and salads. Taste test featured items and make your own vinaigrette dressing to take home.

Rochelle L'Italien, Registered Dietician, UNH Dining Services

Todd Sweet, Executive Chef,
UNH Dining Services


The Lost Art of Listening:  How to increase your personal effectiveness through active listening

When communicating with the world around you do you often feel you’ve missed the message or failed to connect with others? Does your environment seem awfully busy, noisy and saturated with information? Would you like to learn how to tone down the noise, focus on the information that’s important to you and create meaningful relationships with those around you? Then this session is for you!

We’ll up your listening effectiveness by learning to listen actively, a foundation for all effective communication. Prepare to have your relationships improved and personal satisfaction achieved when you learn to hone our most neglected skill! Satisfaction is not all about talking! It’s about truly listening, a gift that each of us can offer to those around us.

Meghan Proctor, HR Partner


Identifying Students,Staff and Faculty at Risk 

This program will introduce participants to a new online interactive training program that will help staff identify members of our community who might be at risk for suicide and depression. The online link to this newly purchased program will be shared so that participants can take the training whenever possible. Dr. Cross will also be reviewing the mental health culture at UNH and where folks can be referred for assistance.

David Cross, Director of Counseling Center


Powerful Tools for Caregivers

The Center on Aging and Community Living with the ServiceLink Resource Center presents a preview of, "Powerful Tools for Caregivers", a guide and program for caregivers, which addresses issues such as self-care; management of emotions such as guilt, anger and depression; coping with caregiving demands; and utilization of community resources.

Beverly Lee-Packard, Monadnock Region ServiceLink Resource Center


Women and Investing

In this workshop, you will learn about:
-Women in today’s economy
-Factors contributing to the retirement gap between the sexes
-Steps to consider to help you set up for a successful and comfortable retirement

Who should attend: This beginner-level workshop is designed for individuals who want more information on how to build a retirement savings strategy and take charge of their financial lives.

Christina Laplume, Fidelity Investments 


Inside Money:  Managing Income and Debt

It's Your Budget - take control.
Everyone talks about a budget, but how many of us actually make one? Most people have some debt, but how many understand its effects on their lives and their futures? Let us show you the real impact of budgeting and debt - and how to make your money work.

Betsey O'Boyle will explain the big picture of budgeting:
- Learn the importance of cash flow - and how to use it
- Change how you look at saving and spending
- Identify good and bad debt, and ways to help manage it

Betsey O'Boyle, TIAA-CREF


Making a Life While Making a Living:  Work-Life Balance

Ever feel torn between work and fun time with the family?  Do you have enough 'me' time?  Identify various ways to achieve balance with your personal, family, and work responsibilities.  The conflicting demands of work and home can create stress and zap the time and energy needed to get everything done.  In this seminar, participants will find answers that will allow them to be more effective and more satisfied with both their home and their work lives.

Shanti Douglas,
APS Healthcare - USNH EAP provider

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