Vacation & Break

Vacation housing is available (at additional cost) during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks for students living in halls open during those times.

Hetzel hall covered in snow

Winter Break:

  • Fairchild, Congreve, Hubbard, Adams Tower West and the Upper Quad Halls (Devine, Hitchcock and Randall).

Thanksgiving and Spring Break:

  • Fairchild, Congreve, Hubbard, Adams Tower West, the Upper Quad Halls (Devine, Hitchcock and Randall), McLaughlin, Scott, Sawyer, and Lord.

Applications are due to Housing no later than 4:30pm on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, November 15 for Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, December 9 for Winter Break
  • Friday, March 3 for Spring Break apply here

Requests cannot be considered after these dates.




Thanksgiving $90 No meal plan is available
Winter   Meals available only when dining hall is open.  Please note that Winter Break is also available by the week (costs vary depending on the week so please see the application for prices.)
Spring $120 No Meal plan is available

Please note:

*Residents of other residence halls are not guaranteed vacation housing. Accommodations for those students can only be made on a space-available basis. Unless noted, a dining plan is required for all students in residence halls during break periods except for those living in Babcock Hall, Woodside or Gables Apartments.

Babcock Hall (graduate student housing) and the undergraduate on-campus apartments remain open during academic breaks. Students may stay without incurring extra charges and do not need to apply for break housing. Please contact Michael Saputo at the Housing Office with any questions at 862-2120.

Housing Office Mission

Our mission is to provide residents and University guests with a safe, comfortable, and affordable living environment that promotes learning, social interaction and personal growth; to maintain facilities, advance technology and provide services that are attentive to resident needs and concerns; and to ensure efficient and effective management of operations and resources.

Residential Life Mission

Creating engaged communities and supporting individual development are important goals, and can stand on their own. However, they also intersect and impact each other. We challenge, nurture and support our students and community through our Department Curriculum Goals: involvement, academics, social justice and healthy living. All of these goals are accomplished through active and passive programming, casual and directed developmental contact with students, and intentional supervision of resident assistants and assistant hall directors.