Residential Life Committee Work

Here at UNH, we are committed to your professional development. We also like to share your talents with the rest of the Division of Student & Academic Services.

Hall director at the yearly UNH rally

Residence Hall Directors have the opportunity to spend four hours per week working on a team or office-based committee. These committees allow each Hall Director to pursue a topic they are excited about outside of the normal day to day tasks of being a RHD.

RHDs can choose to serve on a second team or committee, inside or outside of Residential Life. This not only allows each RHD to share their unique talents and passions with our department and the division, but gives RHDs a chance to develop new skills as well.


“This is my third year on the Create Your Own Story committee and it is one of the most rewarding committees to be a part of! It is an honor to not only hear the amazing stories about all of the wonderful students we have all across campus, but to have the opportunity to get to know the recipients of the Create Your Own Story award as well. The committee is a lot of work, but the luncheon in the spring makes it all worth it.” - Lindsay Furlong-Alexander Hall-Create Your Own Story Committee


“I have really enjoyed working on the tech committee this year. It is basically a committee charged with exploring new products and seeing how we can use them as a department. I have had the opportunity to lead trainings, weigh in on decisions such as whether or not to provide iPads to our staff and put forward my own recommendations for new equipment.  If you enjoy staying on the leading edge of technology, this committee would be a good fit for you.” - Shane Baker-Congreve Hall-Technology Committee

“The opportunities that arise from committee work have been so valuable to my personal and professional development.  Being a part of the Student Leadership Development Committee has challenged me to think about advising in a different way and opened my eyes to the realization that advising is what brings me the most joy in my work.  Serving on the Student Leadership Development and Inclusive Excellence Committees have given me valuable experience training and presenting to my peers as well.  Committee work has enabled me to focus on specific areas of interest while providing opportunities for collaboration and personal growth."- Anna Metzger-Hunter Hall-Student Leadership Development Committee

“The alcohol committee is great because it deals with with an issue that is a problem all over the country and also the committee is free to work towards whatever goals we feel is most important to our students.”- Billy Massey-Haaland Hall-Alcohol Committee

“Working on a committee is one of my favorite parts about being an RHD at UNH; it has allowed me to identify trends. These trends have made me a better RHD inspiring to think outside of the box when developing ways of effectively working with students. One of my favorite parts about Assessment is challenging my peers while being challenged by them."- Gilly Barbato-Hetzel Hall RHD-Assessment Committee

“I love what we do! It is great to work with a group of people with a passion for inclusion and collaboration who get together and make things happen!”- Ana Garcia-Handler Hall-Inclusive Excellence Committee

Our Committes


As a result of participating in this committee, RHDs will:  Learn more about assessment practices for qualitative and quantitative data collection; Devise assessment tools that will best fit the type of information that we want to collect; Synthesize and analyze information collected; Make presentations to the stakeholders about information collected and at times, facilitate the process of making decisions about future practice; Work collaboratively with colleagues on projects.

Each year we run an initiative that recognizes students who have been very engaged in diverse ways in their time at UNH. We ask the campus to nominate students, read nominations, select students, write and publish their stories, and honor these students as well. This is a collaborative initiative bringing faculty and staff together on behalf of student  achievements. 

The RHDs on this committee will be challenged to understand the latest student leadership research; train-the-trainer by facilitating RHD department meeting sessions; collaborate with the office of Student Leadership and Development; and develop hall council leadership modules. RHDs may be involved with advising RHA or other student leadership outreach roles. 

The RA Morale and Development Committee focuses on both large scale training events such as the state-wide RA conference, Winter Training, online training modules and the post-RA class training in April, as well as smaller events like developing staff level RA enrichments.  They also know that having a little fun is key in feeling appreciated and connected to our department. This group also spends time assessing the effectiveness of Fall Training and giving input into the electronic RA manual and the RA calendar, hosts events, updates the RA Facebook page and works with RHDs to promote spirit within our staff. 

The RA Selection Committee works year round to effectively recruit our 148 new and returning RAs.

The Sophomore Summit Committee develops and implements a two-day overnight retreat after spring finals are over for rising sophomores who will be living in the halls in the fall. The retreat is meant to serve as a call for less involved sophomores to find their passion and harness how they are going to positively contribute to their hall and university community.

This committee supports our department in all things computer and technology related.  We provide knowledge and labor for other committees or department initiatives that need some technical knowledge – such as filming and editing videos.  We also provide direction to our department for equipment and software purchases. 

The Community Service committee oversees the UNH Serves: Day of Service in the fall and works to connect the department to additional campus and community resources to provide service opportunities for hall communities.

The Inclusive Excellence Committee strives to bring continual Departmental support and education in the areas of social justice and multicultural education for student and professional staff.