RA Application Process

November 1, 2014/January 19:


Find out more about the RA position! If you like what you hear, we encourage you to apply, by filling out an application on-line no later than January 19. Talk to your Hall Director or RA to find out more about the position and/or attend an information session in your hall. If you live off campus we welcome you to talk with any hall staff about the position. Feel free to contact Kristin Carpenter for further questions, kristin.carpenter@unh.edu or call 862-2268. CLICK HERE FOR A SHORT VIDEO ON HOW TO APPLY. (Opens best in Google Chrome)

Studying Abroad in Spring?

If you are planning on studying abroad during the Spring 2015 semester and want to apply to be an RA during the AY 2015-2016 year, applications will be due Friday, November 21, 2014. The RA Selection Committee will contact you for an interview before you leave in December.

Workshop in Leadership Development (WiLD)

In January, after completing your online application, your GPA, which must be above a 2.5, will be verified. Then an email will be sent instructing you to sign up for a WiLD class. This 3-week Leadership Workshop is mandatory for all students who wish to become RAs and will serve as your interview for the position.

WiLD will be taught by current Hall Directors or Residential Life central staff. After WiLD is completed, and hall staff recommendations are reviewed, hiring and placement decisions will be made.  Candidates will be notified of their status on February 18, 2015.

The classes start the week of January 26th and run for 3 consecutive weeks.

RA Training/Preparation

If you are hired as an RA you are required to participate in further training later in the Spring semester.  This training will be taught by Hall Directors,  Assistant Hall Directors and current RAs.  It will focus more on the specifics of the RA position.


Other Commitments

If you are offered a position for the Fall, you are required to participate in the following commitments:

  •  Meet with new staff and current Hall Director of your assigned hall in April or May.
  •  Attend 2015-2016 RA staff welcoming ceremony in the spring.
  •  Participate in a 10-day training held in August before First Year and upperclass students arrive.
Application Help
  • Click here for a short video on how to apply! (This opens best in Google Chrome)