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Online SignUp


Terminology (Whaddaya Mean?)


The captain is the person who leads a housing sign-up group and makes the final room selection. A person seeking a single room or wanting to fill a partial room is their own captain. Check out the checklist!


A group can be a single individual or a group of eligible students who plan to live together.


A member is any other student in a group besides the Captain.

Sign-Up Time

The sign-up time is the time you can enter the sign-up pool and select a room from those available. Your sign-up time is based on you or your group's best (lowest, i.e. #1) Sign-Up Number.

Sign-Up Pools

A Sign-Up Pool is a specific selection of rooms available during the online Between-Hall Room Sign-Up process. For example, the pool of rooms available on Apr 12 will only include suites, built-up triples and quads (regular and built-ups). The pool that open on April 13 will include singles, doubles and triples. Each group will be assigned a sign-up time for each pool.

Priority Number

A priority number is randomly assigned to each eligible student within designated credit ranges. Here's a page that will explain all the intricacies of the Priority Number.


If your group captain is unable to participate in the process at the designated time, the captain can designate a Proxy to act on the group's behalf.

Eligibility Codes

We use eligibility codes in our programming that let us determine who can be assigned either in the on-campus apartments or the residence hall (because you have to meet certain eligibility codes to live in the on-campus apartments). Here's a page that lists all the eligibility codes and what they mean.

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