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Online SignUp


IT TroublesIT Troubles?

If you experience IT troubles during sign-up, the Housing Office will be open to help you resolve the problems or assist you in finding a solution.

However, to help us help you here are some necessary first steps to do:

If the problem seems to be with Blackboard, we suggest first logging out of Blackboard and closing down your browser completely. Then, at a completing new instance of your browser, log back into Blackboard (do not use shortcuts or remembered passwords). Blackboard is a program that wants desperately to remember who you are, so even if you just log out of Blackboard and have a friend login right after you without shutting down the browser it is likely blackboard will still think it's you.

If you can't see what you think you should see in the Room Sign-Up application, please call or chat with us. Oftentimes it is a simple explanation (like only Group Captains can see a preview button, or only Group Captains can disband a group). You can reach us on during the online process on the phone lines and on our chat line.

If you have a network connection problem, first find out if others in your room or floor have the same issues. If it's only you, there possibly could be a network connection problem with your machine (virus, etc). Remember, that any machine that has internet access can be used to participate in the Room Sign-up.

Don't suffer through IT problems silently or alone. Give us call, chat on line with us, send us an e-mail. We are here to help you!

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