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Assignment Processes

Living @ UNH

Got Group? Good!Arrow

gottaTo participate in the on Online Housing Sign-Up Process you must be part of a group. Groups can be as simple as a "group of 1" if you are trying to get a single, or as complex as a "group of six/seven" if you and your friends are trying for a suite in SERC/Mills or an on-campus apartment.

As soon as you complete your Online Housing Reapplication and pay your housing deposit, we strongly encourage you to set up your group using the Online Housing Sign-Up application. Here are some screen shots on just how easy it is to setup, adjust, and even disband your group.

Here's the Housing OnLine pageArrow

  1. Select Housing SignUp from Menu Bar
  2. Select My Room SignUp


Here's the Welcome Screenarrow

  1. Notice your signup number?
  2. Notice the two actions you can take, either "Join a Group" or "Be a Captain to a Group"?
  3. You and your friends need to decide who will be the "captain" and who will join the group
  4. If you are trying for a single, you will be your own captain

Screen Shot #2

Here is the Captain/Group Pagearrow

Screen Shot #3


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