Todd Borchers

Todd Borchers
Hall Director

Undergraduate Degree: 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Double Concentration in Management & Marketing, University of Massachusetts Lowell 

Master’s Degree: 

Master’s Degree in Education with a Concentration in Higher Education Administration, University of Massachusetts Lowell 

What did you choose to become a Hall Director? 

I knew I wanted to get involved in Residential Life when I was a scared first-year student entering college. All of the Res-Life staff members were so friendly, involved, and connected with the campus, I was eager to join in on the fun! Since getting involved in Residential Life, I have been excited to one day be a Hall Director, and lead a staff, building and group of students of my own. I am inspired by students every day. I enjoy getting to know them and make sure their transition to college is the best it can be. By living where I work, I strive to make sure everyone feels welcome and at home. Nothing is better than seeing a student succeed in their college career and graduate, and have them thank you for making their experience memorable. 

Why did you choose to work for Res Life at the University of New Hampshire? 

I am originally from New Hampshire, and I loved the idea of ‘getting back to my roots’. I know I learned a lot while leaving NH and having my college experience in another state and I am excited to be able to bring back what I have learned to my home state as a Hall Director. After meeting the Residential Life staff at UNH, I knew this would be an awesome place to work, learn, and grow as a Student Affairs professional. Also, it’s a wondering feeling when you know the department you’re working for makes student-driven decisions, and keeps the focus of our work on the students! Knowing that the students I have met feel deeply satisfied with their decision to live on campus and attend UNH, I am confident that the Residential Life office is doing great work for the university! 

What advice would you give to students? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help & use the FREE services we have on campus! Whether it be advising, tutoring, time management, organization, study skills or major choice…WE CAN HELP! Although Residential Life staff members are often the first responders and can be great resources, there are many different departments and organizations across campus. Take advantage of ALL of these services and let them help you guide your college experience. You are paying to attend college, so make sure you use the services you are paying for! 
Also, join a club, organization, or get a campus job! These are some of the best ways to meet people, explore a hobby or talent you never have before, and have a group of people hold you accountable to stay on track with school. Getting involved on campus will create life long memories, and you will be happy you did!