Michelle Blanchette

Michelle Blanchette
Hall Director

Undergraduate Degree:

English/Journalism - UNH

Graduate Degree: 

MPAS (Public Art Studies) –University of Southern California

Why did you become a Hall Director?

I became a Hall Director because I thrive off of the intense energy that surrounds college life and those who live it. All things happen here first.

Why do you choose UNH?

I was born and raised in the state of NH and was an undergrad here. The four years that I spent at college in Durham were hands-down the four best consecutive years of my life. Why wouldn’t anyone want to come back to that? I didn’t come back, however, to relive those memories, but to use those memories, and all the skills I honed over the years create new amazing memories, as well as more “the best of” years for myself and for students.

Advice for first-year students...

Don’t forget to breathe! Your first year at UNH is a combination of new, exciting and amazing wrapped up in a large ball of overwhelming. The best advice is to be open – to new people, new activities and new ideas. Be a sponge and learn, baby, learn! You have the ability to reinvent yourself, keep the good, get rid of the not so good and try out some different ways of being. Be in the moment always and you will never worry about yesterday or tomorrow, just today.