Kevin Deschler

Kevin Deschler
Hall Manager

Undergraduate Degree:

B.B.A. in Music Business, Belmont University

Graduate Degree:

M.S. in College Counseling and Student Development, Azusa Pacific University

Why did you choose to become an Apartment Manager?

Some of my favorite, most vivid memories of college occurred within the walls of my residence hall. It’s kind of a dream being able to work in a hall, helping shape that sense of community I found so valuable as an undergrad. Beyond that, I entered the Student Affairs field because I like working with students. The student contact is my favorite part of the job. Living with students, going to programs, and having an office that’s 15 yards away from their apartments – you really can’t get any closer to students than that.

Why did you choose to work for Housing at the University of New Hampshire?

I have lived all across the country, from Tennessee, to Ohio, to California. I’ll admit, coming out of Grad School I was motivated by a sense of adventure. I wanted to live in a new environment with new things to offer – to breathe the clean, live-free-or-die air of New Hampshire (or really, anywhere with cleaner air than Los Angeles). I feel very lucky because UNH offers all the adventure I had sought and even more importantly, this department is full of caring, helpful professionals who work tirelessly to offer students a great on-campus experience. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like that?

What advice would you give to students?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! For most people college is your first chance to figure out, on your own, who you really are. By the time you are eligible to live in Adams Tower, you’ve had at least a year to think through what that looks like for you. Now you can really start leaning into that. Find a club or org to get involved with (there are hundreds). Come to socials in the building and meet up with the people around you. And don’t be afraid to come and talk to me. Be it about classes, life, or where to find the best Mexican food in New Hampshire, I’m here for you.