Kanika Nevers

Kanika Nevers
Hall Director

Undergraduate degree:

Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and Sociology from Texas Christian University

Graduate degree:

Masters of Liberal Arts from Texas Christian University

Why did you become a Hall Director?

My greatest collective experience in college was being an RA for three years. Some of the greatest experiences in college seem to happen in the residence halls because the residential environment allows for spontaneity and naturalness in interaction, unlike many other places. Working with college students who are generally open and fun-loving people and living in an environment which encourages a culture of understanding and growth is a place where I know belong.

Why did you choose UNH?

UNH is unlike any other place that I have seen. ResLife here is the Holy Grail among all residence life departments because the staff here is wholeheartedly invested in making students feel connected so that you know that this is home. Plus, New England is charming change from the Lone Star state.

Advice for students?

... I think Eminem said it best in his song, “Just Lose It.” Forget the preconceived notions that you have from high school, be open and embrace change. College is a whole other ball game so please ask for help! There is no shame in it; rather, it is a sign of maturity. Be open, have fun, but don’t get too crazy J