Gilly Scott

Gilly Scott
Hall Director

Why did you become a hall director?

Fun, interactive, fast-moving, and ever-changing are just some of the many characteristics of the Hall Director position that I love! Being a Hall Director means that every day is unique; from daily tasks to developmental conversations, there is never a dull moment. Bottom line is, I became a Hall Director because I am extremely passionate about working with and for the students.

Why did you choose UNH?

I started my undergrad at the University of New Hampshire in 2006 and I have loved this campus ever since. I didn’t choose UNH, it chose me. There is so much to do around here from trail running to local art festivals in Portsmouth; this campus truly offers everything for anyone. The dynamic of UNH’s campus is truly unique and the overall vibes are always positive!

Advice for students… 

"The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.” Lao-Tzu
Whether you are a first year student, sophomore, junior, or senior, it is NEVER too late! Go out and explore different areas of studies, take adventures, and remember that starting is always one step away.