Allie Collopy

Allie Collopy - Haaland RHD
Hall Director

Undergraduate Degree: 

Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, University of New Hampshire

Master’s Degree: 

Master’s Degree in International Education Management, Monterey Institute of International Studies 

Why did you choose to become a Hall Director? 

I knew that I would never be happy in a job where I wasn't working directly with students on an individual level - office work does not agree with me! After mentoring students overseas for the past few years, I wanted to continue to learn from a diverse student body and build supportive communities where residents can blossom into who they truly are. Hall Directors not only offer guidance and support to undergrads, but create a home where students can support each other.

Why did you choose to work for Res Life at the University of New Hampshire? 

As a UNH alumna, I wanted to serve the university that so dramatically impacted my life and help students navigate the myriad options their school offers. UNH Res Life is packed with professionals committed to student development who are also completely in touch with their inner child, and no two staff members are alike! It's easy to find home in a staff that celebrates individuals for who they are.

What advice would you give to students? 

Use your time at UNH as an opportunity to broaden your perspective and step outside of your comfort zone. Engage in conversations with students that are of a different background. Study a foreign language. Go to a performance at the Paul Creative Arts Center. Spend time with the many international students on campus. Take a class outside of your major. Read a novel by a foreign author. Attend a Mosaico, Alliance, Muslim Students Association, or Black Student Union event. Study abroad.