Mid-Year Between Hall

Looking for a Between Hall Room Change?


Follow these three steps:

  • Starting Tuesday, Nov 29 - Call UNH Housing at (603) 862-2120 to schedule a 15 minute meeting with a Housing staff member. Meetings will be scheduled for business hours from Dec 1- Dec 9.
  • During your meeting at Housing, you will be able to view available spaces for spring semester. You may opt to commit to one of those spaces, or opt to remain in your current assignment. If you opt for a room change, instructions and information will be provided to you during the meeting.
  • Remove all of your belongings from your room
  • Complete an official check-out with a hall staff member. (Return your key)


*If you do not complete these steps, your request for a new assignment will be cancelled and your 2016 fall semester assignment will be reinstated for the 2017 spring semester. 


  • if you have opted to commit to a new room assignment for Spring 2017 semester, you will move directly into that new space once the residence halls re-open at the end of winter break.
  • If you have opted to remain in your same assignment as Fall 2016 semester, you will move right back into that space. Remember that spaces can become available at any time during the year, so check back in with your Hall Director periodically if you’d like to know what’s out there!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that while there is a very strong likelihood that we will be able to offer you a space that meets your request, it is not a guarantee. If we are not able to offer you a new space, your fall assignment will carry forward in to the spring semester.