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Submit a Service/Maintenance Requestarrow

UNH Facilities Maintenance and Operations (FM&O) has implemented its own maintenance request system called FAMIS Self Service.  This system has replaced the Housing Maintenance Request system traditionally accessed via Blackboard. 

Please note that emergency service requests must be called into the Facilities Service Desk at 862-1437. Click to see a list of emergency conditions:
  • -Anything that has water coming from it, running over or under it, dripping from it.
  • -Anything that is stopped up (toilet, sink, etc.)
  • -Anything related to life safety ie: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire doors not closing properly
  • -Any time a light is out in a room and it is the only light in the room, a flickering light, a very dim light, or if an electrical receptacle is not working.
  • -Any type of lock problem (if it is a lock or combo change, it needs to be handled by the Housing Key Desk)
  • -Broken windows
  • -Any type of heating problem (no heat/ too much heat)
  • -Bugs or vermin problems
  • -Any bodily fluids (vomit, feces, urine, blood). Occuring during the work day, please contact Housekeeping. If discovered after hours, contact Facilities Service Desk at 862-1437.

What is different?  Mainly, the new system is for the entire campus not just the residential spaces. It is very easy to navigate with a few simple tips.

Submit a Service (Maintenance) Request

First, know your building number.  This three digit code will save you from scrolling through a long list.  Second, when prompted FAMISfor a description of the problem, try to be as specific as possible to the location and its nature.  

To help with the transition, we have provided a tutorial and a list of your building numbers.  We thank you for your patience in this transition.  If you have any feedback or questions please contact Facilities at (603) 862-1437.

Residence Hall Building Numbers

The Hills - Area 1

Adams Tower West: 259

Congreve Hall: 020

Jessie Doe Hall: 068

Lord Hall: 058

McLaughlin Hall: 055

Sawyer Hall: 052

Scott Hall: 030

Stoke Hall: 077

The Valley - Area 2

Alexander Hall: 051

Devine Hall: 078

Engelhardt Hall: 044

Fairchild Hall: 015

Gibbs Hall: 045

Hetzel Hall: 022

Hitchcock Hall: 059

Hunter Hall: 046

Mills Hall: 016

Randall Hall: 079

The Timbers - Area 3

Babcock Hall: 084

Christensen Hall: 096

Eaton House: 145

Hall House: 146

Hubbard Hall: 085

Marston House: 147

Richardson House: 148

SERC Building A: 301

SERC Bulding B: 302

SERC Building C: 303

Williamson Hall: 112

The Gables

Gables A: 161

Gables B: 162

Gables C: 163

Gables North: 396

Gables South: 397


Woodside A-C: 281

Woodside D-F: 282

Woodside G-I: 283

Woodside J-L: 284

Woodside M-O: 285

Woodside P-R: 289

Woodside Community Center: 280



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