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Living @ UNH

What to Bring and What to Leave Behindarrow

When you arrive at UNH, your room will be furnished with a twin bed, a desk, desk chair, dresser, mirror, closet, window covering and a window screen. You will assume responsibility for these items and they will be yours for the length of your stay.


  Room Needs/Kitchen/Storage
  cat head


cat head

Non Essential


Something to wake you up


Trash can


Cleaning supplies/dish soap






Mini tool kit


Reusable water bottle


Can opener


Dry erase board for door


Area rug




Small refrigerator

  Laundry/Clothes Supplies
  cat head


cat head

Non Essential


Laundry Bag or Basket


Drying rack


Laundry Detergent


Fabric softener and stain remover

    Clothes hangers  

Iron and Ironing board


Mini sewing kit


Lint brush

  School/Desk Supplies
  cat head


cat head

Non Essential








Printer/printer paper




Index Cards




Sticky Notes


Stapler and staples




Electronic storage/USB


Stamps and envelopes




Folders with pockets

  cat head


cat head

Non Essential


Bandaids/small first aid kit


Cough drops


Flip flops/shower shoes




Shampoo/Other soaps


Cotton swabs


Dental care




Shower caddy




Aspirin or other pain relief




Hair styling products




Nail clippers/nail care

  Linens Supplies
  cat head


cat head

Non Essential




Mattress pad













  cat head


cat head

Non Essential


Smart strip surge protector


Computer/supporting cables




Portable speakers


Extension cords









  What you CANNOT Bring

Toaster oven




Electric blanket




Hot plates




Non UL-listed appliances




Halogen lamps








Pets- except non-dangerous fish in a tank that holds 10 gallons of water or less


Firearms/weapons including airsoft guns

  Items with special notes:

Microwaves - Microwaves rated with a power output of 800 watts or less are allowed in student rooms. Microwaves can either be a stand alone unit or a part of a microwave-refrigerator combination unit.

Refrigerators that less than 35" and that draw no more than 1.5 amps of power are also permitted. For sustainability purposes, we suggest one refigerator per two students. Please see the Room and Board Agreement for more information.



All halls have extra long mattresses (36 x 80"). For more information about bed size and mattress information please visit the Housing website.



Bikes – Many students bring their own bikes to campus. While some halls have indoor bike rooms where students can lock up their bikes, other halls do not have the space for that type of facility. All halls have outdoor bike racks provided. Please click here to see a chart to help you determine what type of storage is available for your bike.

Mailing Information

Residents of the undergraduate residence halls are given a mailbox in the Memorial Union Building at the Granite Square Station (GSS). Box numbers can be obtained by logging in to your Blackboard account and clicking on the Webcat/Student Services tab. Access Webcat via their linked button and then click on the "View UNH Durham Granite Square Station (GSS) Mailbox Address" link. Residents of The Gables, Woodside Apartments, Forest Park Apartments and Babcock Hall receive their mail in their respective areas, and will receive their mailing information at check-in.

Internet Connections

All UNH residence facilities are wi-fi capable. Additionally, all UNH rooms have wired high-speed internet access via the Campus Residential Network (ResNet). Per UNH's Acceptable Use Policy, networking equipment (routers, hubs, etc) cannot be connected to the campus network. For more information on direct computer connections (and specific computer requirements), check out CIS's Back to School website.

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