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Any appliance used in your room must be listed or recognized to a U.L standard by a national recognized testing laboratory. This includes clocks, radios, stereos, computers, etc.

Prohibited appliances in the residence halls include any items with a heating coils, i.e. toasters and toaster ovens, hotplates, electric fry pans and electric heaters, for example:

Appliances that may be used in your room but CANNOT be plugged in unattended include: curling irons, coffee pots, hot pots, irons and popcorn poppers. These items have heated exposed surfaces that have caused fires in the past.

If an extension is needed for microwaves and refrigerators, it must be of construction-grade quality (generally the same size or larger than the units’ own cord). Microwaves and refrigerators need to be plugged directly into an outlet or a fused power strip or a splitter with a fuse. If an adapter is used for a power strip or an extension cord, the ground lead must be connected.

Refrigerators 35 inches or less in height and drawing no more than 1.5 amps of power are allowed. In 2010, the UNH Student Senate adopted a sustainability forward approach to reducing energy consumption They are asking that students limit refrigerators to one unit per room of two students.

Microwaves with a power output up to 800 watts are allowed.

All halls and on-campus apartments have laundry facilities (washers and dryers) that operate using a Cat's Cache debit card.

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