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We know you've got them, and not just one, plenty....questions that is. We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions by category. If you don't find the answer here to your questions, please just complete this form to receive a prompt answer.


General Housing Questions

Where is the Housing Office located?

The Department of Housing is located at 10 Academic Way. If you are on-campus, we are located directly across the street from McConnell Hall. Our building entrance is right behind the bus stop facing College Road. 
To find your way from off-campus, follow Main Street into the Durham village. Veer right onto Mill Road from Main Street. Follow Mill Road to the intersection with Academic Way. Turn right onto Academic Way. Parking Lot B is for valid permit holders only, but there is metered parking on Quad Way and in front of McConnell Hall. C Lot also provides hourly parking for fee.  A campus map is available at

How do I find the dimensions of my room?

Dimensions for most rooms within the residence halls can be found online at the Housing website.  From the Housing home page ( select your residence hall.  Each Res Hall page has a floor plan tab. Additionally, you can view a room capacity report which will list the room's capacity and gender. This report is in the PDF format.

What are the Housing Office hours?

Our summer office hours are 8am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.  During the academic year we are also open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Do you have a lost and found?

No we do not.  Each residence hall maintains their own lost and found.  After move-out during the academic year, items left behind in the residence halls are gathered by UNH’s Housekeeping Services.  To find out if any items have been held by Housekeeping Services, please contact them.

Who do I talk to about technical problems with housing online?

Christina Rowland, Housing Assignments IT Specialist, welcomes your calls regarding any technical problems you may be experiencing with the Housing OnLine system. She can also be reached via e-mail at or you can call her at (603) 862-3469.


How do I get maintenance issues resolved?

All repairs are initiated by you! You can submit a service request at UNH's FAMIS Service Request portal at

Is it possible to loft? What is the process? How do I request a loft?

Many of our residence halls are furnished with loftable beds.  To see which halls have loftable beds visit our bed & mattress page.  If the hall where you will be living is not one furnished with a loftable bed, you are welcome to build/bring your own.  Here are some important considerations when building and bringing your own loft bed:  1) Lofts must be free standing.  2) Loft beds cannot be attached to the floor, wall or ceiling.  3) Your loft bed should/must incorporate the current bed furniture (housing does not remove nor store furniture, nor are you permitted to remove furniture from UNH campus.  4) Your loft bed must have a mattress to ceiling clearance of at least 33 inches.  For up-to-date information regarding lofts visit our loft website.

What is the furniture arrangement for built-ups?

Built-Up triples are double rooms that are equipped with furniture to accommodate three people. This means each person will have a bed and mattress, desk, chair, dresser and when space permits, a closet.  Built-up rooms are furnished with bunked beds and usually one loftable bed to create a better and more useful living space.  Each student in a triple has their own internet connection. Residents living in built-up triple rooms also pay less than students living in double rooms.

Do we have to use the provided furniture?

While you do not have HAVE to use the provided furniture, it cannot be removed from the room.  Per the Room and Board Agreement, “Students may not remove or store furnishings provided by the University and may not replace them with other items owned or rented by the student. The Department of Housing will not remove or store the standard University furnishings. Public area or lounge furnishings shall not be moved into a student’s room.”  We highly recommend you use the furniture provided. 

Are beds bunkable?

Some beds are bunkable, some beds are loftable.  It all depends on which hall you will live in.  A complete list of halls with bed types can be found on our beds & mattresses page.

Can I get a guard rail for my bed?

All beds that can be bunked or lofted are furnished with a bed guard rail. This rail is part of the room's funiture inventory and can be easily installed by person's wanting the extra security of a guard rail.

Can I request a long mattress?

There is no need to request a long mattress. All mattresses in our residence halls are 36 x 80 (twin long).

What size microwave/refrigerators are permitted?

Per the Room and Board Agreement, "Refrigerators that stand less than 35" in height and draw no more than 1.5 amp of power are allowed. Microwaves up to 800 watts of power output are acceptable." So basically, any small refrigerator unit you'd find in a large retailer such as Walmart, K-Mart or Target would be acceptable. Ditto for smaller sized microwaves. The UNH Student Senate has adopted a sustainability forward approach to reducing energy consumption. They are asking that students limit refrigerators to one unit per room of two students.

Are the res hall rooms carpeted?

No, with the only exception being the mini-dorms. Most students make arrangements to bring an area rug. If you purchase an area rug, we suggest that you wait until you arrive before you cut it to fit. Many of our dimensions are only approximations.

Where can I find my semester housing damage statement?

On your UNH Webcat account. >
Log into Blackboard >> select the "Webcat/Services" tab
Enter Webcat>> click on "Bill/Account Summary/...."
From there>>"View your student account"
Click the actual damage charge to view a detailed breakdown*.
Twice a year the Department of Housing bills for damages that have occurred in the residence halls and apartments. The bill for Fall semester damages will be posted in early February and the bill for Spring semester damages will be posted in mid-June.

*only students viewing their own account have access to the detail breakdown

Cable TV Questions

Is there cable in the Gables bedrooms?

Yes the cable jacks in the the Gables and Woodside bedrooms are active.

How do I get HD channels?

First of all you need to have the right equipment. HD signals at UNH are being broadcast as “Clear QAM Digital.” To receive these signals, your TV needs to have a clear QAM digital tuner. Your TV instruction manual may indicate this by stating that your TV is “digital cable ready” or “with ATSC/QAM Tuner.” Your TV will not receive UNH’s HD channels if your TV’s HD tuner is listed as “over the air HD ready.” You will probably need to refer to your TV’s manual to determine if it is compatible with UNH’s HD signal (clear QAM digital). If your TV is HD ready but does not have the Clear QAM digital tuner, you may be able to purchase a separate HD receiver that will work with your TV. Again, you will need to ensure whatever equipment you have or purchase is able to receive a clear QAM digital signal.
Once you have the right equipment, the next step is tuning in the HD channels. The procedure for setting up your TV to recognize the new signals will be different based on your manufacturer and TV model. Please refer to your TV’s manual for instructions. In general the procedure is as follows:
1. Access your TV’s menu
2. Go into setup options
3. Look for the option to automatically scan for all channels be sure the tuner is set to scan for CABLE TV or CABLE input—not antenna)
4. Run the scan. The scan may take a few minutes as the TV looks for all available signals. As long as you have the right type of tuner and have selected the correct input source, the TV should now recognize the new digital and HD signals. You can then tune to the channels just like any other channel. Remember the specific procedure may vary by TV manufacturer and model. You may have to refer to your TV’s instruction manual.

Internet in Residence Hall Questions

Is wireless internet available in the halls?

We have internet access in all halls. All UNH residence halls are wi-fi capable, but each student will also have a wired connection available in their rooms. All residence halls lounges have wi-fi connections.

Is there internet available in the lounges?

Yes, in all residence halls lounges have wireless connections.

Laundry Quesitons

Where are the laundry rooms located?

Onsite laundry facilities are available for each residence hall and apartment complex most commonly located on the ground or 1st floor. Please check with a staff member when you check-in at your building for more specific location.

Do I need quarters for the laundry machines?

No! The laundry machines operate solely on an electronic debit system called Cat’s Cache which is connected to your UNH ID card. After adding money to your Cat’s Cache account you will swipe your ID card in order to set the laundry machines for the desired cycles/time.

Amenities Questions

How much space/height is available under the bed?

Our beds typically have 11" of space under them. If you use bed risers, you usually can get an additional 3 to 4 inches of space. Underbed storage containers found in any of the big box stores are suitable for unrisered beds. If you are living in a hall that has loftable beds, then there are many more underbed storage options.

Are curtains allowed?

Yes and some of our residence halls are already furnished with curtains. Please view the Room Capacity Report to find out the specific window coverings in your hall. If you would like to hang your own curtains, please understand that per the Room and Board Agreement you cannot use screws or screw like hanging devices to mount curtain rods (as this will permanently damage the walls and will create dorm damage charges to your account). We recommend using tension rods to hang your curtains.

What is supplied in the suite bathrooms?

Students who live in suites in our suite-styled halls, including Adams Tower West, share a common suite bathroom(s). They are responsible for providing their own paper products (toilet paper, etc) and cleaning supplies for the bathroom. The Housing Office does provide shower curtains. Residents living in suites are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.

What are the restrictions on hanging décor?

You are not allowed to damage the walls (from the Room and Board Agreement – “Using nails, screws, bolts, or decals upon the furniture, walls, doors, woodwork, ceiling, or floors of the room or apartment or otherwise defacing or marring such surfaces.” Students are prohibited from covering more than 50% of their walls with decorations due to fire safety code.

What items are prohibited in the halls?

The following items are prohibited in University housing, except where specifically permitted. a. Halogen lamps, hot plates, heating/immersion coils, electric frying pans, toaster ovens, electric heaters, electric blankets, non-UL listed items and electrical items not approved by the Department of Housing
b. Air conditioners, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, and water beds
c. Television or radio antennae and any other objects which are placed outside the room window or anywhere on the exterior of the building or adjacent grounds
d. Firearms, candles, incense, explosives, fireworks, weapons of any kind, hazardous chemicals, gasoline, propane, butane, motorized vehicles of any kind (or parts, repair tools, accessories for any motor vehicle)

What size sheets should I bring?

Twin Long (36 x 80).

Are there bike rooms available?

Some of residence halls have bike rooms where students can hang bicycles inside; some of residence halls do not have inside bike rooms but have outside bike racks. Our amenities quick guide lists shows those halls that have inside bike storage.

Where can I get appliances?

You can purchase appliances anywhere. Be sure that your purchased appliance is UL listed and approved. The UNH Student Senate has adopted a sustainability forward approach to reducing energy consumption. We are asking that students limit refrigerators to one unit per room of two students.

Can we have more than one refrigerator in our room?

Yes you can, however we are a sustainable university, and we encourage students to only have one refrigerator per two students. Please follow the guidelines established in the Room and Board Agreement for size and limitations. The Agreement states that refrigerators must not be more than 35” in height and draw no more than 1.5 amp of power.

Is there A/C in Babcock?

No. Unfortunately there is not A/C in Babcock Hall.

What rooms have their own bathrooms?

There are no student rooms in any traditional residence hall that have their own private bathrooms. In our suite-style halls (Mills, SERCs, Adams Tower West) there are suites/rooms that share a bathroom.

Viewing Your Room (Tour)

Is it possible to get a tour of my room?

If you are a new student to UNH we would be happy to provide you with a brief tour of your room (by scheduled appointment only). Please note however that sometimes buildings/rooms are unavailable for tours due to summer conference housing or maintenance and repair projects. Please call our office at 603.862.2120 to inquire and set-up an appointment.

Assignment Questions

I requested a freshman-only dorm and didn't get it. Am I going to be stuck as the only freshmen with all upperclass students?

No! All our residence halls (except Mills Hall and Adams Tower West which are upper class only) have at least 25% of their population as first-year students (well except for the all freshman halls which are 100% freshmen). For example, last fall Jessie Doe Hall (out of 140 residents) had approximately 44 freshmen. So you won't be the "lonely only" freshman if you didn't get into a first-year-only hall.

What can I do if I didn't get one of my choices?

Assignments are made in a random order. As space in themed housing is limited, you may not receive your first choice or even your second or third choice. You can call our office or speak to us via chat after you receive your assignment and talk to an assignments specialist.

I was living in a built-up triple until mid-semester, then I got into a cool double. Then I got billed for additional housing charges, what's up with that?

When a built-up triple room is broken down, the person moving to a double and the two who remain in the built-up room as a double begin paying the double rate.

I'm studying abroad for Spring Semester, how do I let you know I still need a room when I return?

Stop by our office during the Fall and fill out a study-abroad request form. This form lets us know that you are going abroad, but will be returning. That way, we'll know if you'll want housing upon your return.

Move-In Questions

When are the move-in dates/times?

Residence Halls:
Friday, Aug 23, 2013- Open 9:00-4:00 for First Year Undergraduate Students
Sunday, Aug 25, 2013- Open 9:00-4:00 for Returning Students and non-First-Year Students

On-Campus Apartments:
Saturday, Aug 24, 2013- Open at 9:00 am
Sunday, Aug 25, 2013- Open at 9:00am

How do I get a move-in exception?

We have revised our process for individual early arrivals. Please visit the Early Arrival web page for the policies, fees, and on-line request form. Chris Rowland manages and coordinates all individual requests for early arrival or storage into the residence halls. Cheryl Mitchell coordinates the early arrival process for the on-campus apartments.

How do I get a move-out extension?

You will need to speak with Christina Rowland who can be reached at 603.862.3469. She will explain the process for requesting a move-out extension. She manages and coordinates all individual move-out extensions from the residence halls. For move-out extensions from the on-campus apartments, please contact the Property Manager at the specific apartment complex.

Where do we park during move-in/out?

In August, we post move-in day directions on our website. Different Halls/Areas have different instructions/different driving directions. We highly recommend you become very familiar with the instructions applicable to your student’s location to help ease your move-in concerns. On move-in day, Residence Hall Opening Crews and UNH Police will assist in directing you to the correct off-loading location. You are able to off-load your student’s personal property near the residence hall, but you then must relocate your car to a proper parking lot so that others can also off-load their student’s property. Hall staff opening crews are readily available on move-in day to assist with questions, off-loading property and explaining parking situations. The UNH Transportation Office will have designated parking lots available for you to park in on move-in weekend. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, however, since you will be walking quite some distances from where you park your vehicle, once unloaded, to your student’s residence hall.

What is the process of move-in?

In August, we post move-in day directions on our website. Different Halls/Areas have different instructions/different driving directions. We highly recommend you become very familiar with the instructions applicable to your student’s location to help ease your move-in concerns. On move-in day, you are able to off-load your student’s personal property near the residence hall, but you then must relocate your car to a proper parking lot so that others can also off-load their student’s property. Hall staff opening crews are readily available on move-in day to assist with questions, off-loading property and explaining parking situations. The UNH Transportation Office will have designated parking lots available for you to park in on move-in weekend. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes since you will be walking quite some distance from where you park your unloaded vehicle back to your student’s residence hall.

Parking Questions Relevant to Housing

How do I get a parking permit for Babcock?

Please visit the University Transportation Services website or contact them directly to discuss parking options for while you are living in Babcock Hall.

What on-campus parking is available? What is the process for getting a permit?

Parking information for residents, guests and other campus visitors is available at

Are freshmen allowed to have cars?

Per the University Transportation Services, freshmen campus residents are not eligible for parking permits. Please visit their website for additional information.

Postal Mail Information

What is my mailing address?

All freshman and transfer undergraduates up to the age of 24 who do not live in Babcock Hall or The Gables or Woodside Apartments are automatically assigned a Granite Square Station (GSS) mailbox in the Memorial Union Building (MUB). GSS Mailboxes are usually assigned to new students in early August and are available via Blackboard by selecting the WebCat/Services tab at the top of the page. The link to view your mailbox number will be displayed.
For students assigned to Babcock, your mailing address will be:
Student Name
14 McDaniel Drive, Room #
Durham, NH 03824
For students assigned to Woodside, your mailing address will be:
Student Name
60 Strafford Avenue, Apt #
Durham, NH 03824
For students assigned to The Gables, your mailing address will be:
Student Name
40 Gables Way, Apt #
Durham, NH 03824

When can I start having mail sent to my campus address?

Mail will be accepted for fall semester students beginning two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Can I send UPS packages to GSS?

Yes, all delivery services (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) will deliver packages to GSS.

Housing OnLine Website

How do I login in to the Housing OnLine website?

Go to your blackboard ( portal and enter in your IT ID login and password. If you do not have a Blackboard User Name and Password, go to the Login Help tab and click on the New user? Link.
Once you are logged into the blackboard portal, go to the Webcat/Services tab and scroll down the page until you locate the Current Resident Housing OnLine continue button (if you are a returning student), or the New Student Housing OnLine continue button (if you are a new first year student).

Break (Vacation) Housing

Is there housing available during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks?

Vacation housing is available (at additional cost) during Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break for those students living in Adams Tower West, Congreve, Lord, McLaughlin, Scott, Devine, Fairchild, Hetzel, Hitchcock, Randall , and SERC A Halls. Additionally, Adams Tower West, Congreve, Devine, Fairchild, Hetzel, Hitchcock, Randall are open during Winter Break. Residents of other residence halls are not guaranteed vacation housing and accommodations will be made on a space available basis. If you are an incoming first-year student and will need break housing, please be sure to indicate that on your online housing application.
Babcock Hall (graduate student housing) and the undergraduate on-campus apartments remain open during academic year breaks and students may stay without incurring extra charges.
Additional information can be found on our website Please direct questions regarding break housing to Michael Saputo at 603.862.2120.

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