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Moving into Babcock Hall?

Babcock Hall is a community of 180 graduate, international, and non-traditional students who are 21 years of age or older. This diverse and dynamic group of students creates a warm and mature living environment through a variety of social, educational, and cultural activities. All students live in single rooms on five floors, with both single- and mixed-gender living areas (some bathrooms are shared by men and women). Babcock is close to most major academic buildings on campus as well as the Memorial Union Building (MUB), McConnell Hall Computer Cluster, and the Coast bus route

Please check out the specific list of what you might want to pack if you are moving to Babcock Hall, and what you should leave behind. Remember, it might be easier if you are traveling from another country to wait until you arrive to purchase some of the items that are listed.

What To Bring...And What To Leave Behind

When you arrive at Babcock Hall, your room will be furnished with a twin bed, a desk, desk chair, Moving Indresser, mirror, bookshelves, closet, window blinds and a window screen. You will assume responsibility for these items and they will be yours for the length of your stay in Babcock. You will need to provide the following items:

Here are some items that you may want to bring or purchase once you arrive:

There is a small kitchenette on each floor, the cleaning and supplying of which is the residents' responsibility. Improvements have been made in the ventilation, lighting, countertop, and flooring. While this kitchenette is available, residents are strongly encouraged to purchase full or partial mealplans through UNH Dining.

Students are expected to keep all personal items within the confines of their room. No storage space is available.

The following items are NOT PERMITTED in any residence hall room, kitchen or lounge:

The following items are permitted, but may only be used in the designated kitchen area:

A full-time professional Residence Hall Director (RHD) lives in Babcock Hall, who manages the building and community desk, plans social and educational activities, and enforces all policies. Babcock has five Resident Assistants (RAs) who are full-time students and who are available to assist and answer most questions you may have about life in Babcock. Residents are asked to pay a small dues ($5) each semester, which is used to purchase games and tools, and funds daily newspaper subscriptions and events.

Mailing Information

Residents of Babcock Hall receive their mail in a private locked mailbox in the lobby of the building. Mailbox numbers are assigned upon check-in. The mailing address for Babcock residents is:

14 Mc Daniel Drive, Box #_____
Durham, NH 03824

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves rated with a power output of 800 watts or less will be allowed in student rooms. Microwaves can either be a stand alone unit or a part of a microwave-refrigerator combination unit. Additional information about what appliances can and cannot be used in the residence halls and other room safety related issues can be obtained by visiting the Fire Safety pages on the Housing website.

Computer Hook-Ups

All UNH rooms have high-speed internet access via the Campus Residential Network (ResNet). For more information on direct computer connections (and specific computer requirements, call the CIS Help Desk at (603) 862-4242 or check out their the ResNet website. Returning students should remember to sign and return the contract renewal form, which is mailed over the summer.

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