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First Year Fast Find

Living @ UNH

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You’ve been accepted to UNH and now you’re getting ready to move into your first residence hall!  This can be a very exciting time- maybe you’re picking out new sheets and comforters, dreaming up floor plans, or imagining all the fun things you’ll do once you get here.  This can also be a slightly stressful experience.  As a first year student you’re in for some big changes, and that includes your first college roommate!  For many incoming UNH freshman, this is the first time that they will have to share a room with anyone.

During your first year in college you’re going to have to adjust to all aspects of college life, from academics to navigating the dining halls.  Hopefully your roommate becomes your ally in this adventure.  Here are some tips to help make sure your roommate relationships don’t become a source of anxiety!



getting your roommate information and Facebook

Rooming With A Friend

some unique challenges

Getting to KNow you

things to talk about BEFORE you move in


some tried and true tips to help you along the way


yes, even parents need advice sometimes!


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