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First Year Fast Find

Living @ UNH


You get your room assignment email and for the first time you know who you’ll be rooming with!  You’re already online, so one of the first things you might do is go on Facebook and search for them.  Okay.  Slow down, friend!Facebook

Social networking sites, like Facebook, can be a great tool to get to know your future roommate and plan out the details for your room.  However, they can be disastrous if you read too much into what you see on their profile.  “Oh my gosh, that’s their favorite band?  I hate that group!  I can’t believe that orange is their favorite color!  That definitely doesn’t match the comforter I bought.  Oh geez- they have a million Facebook friends.  I’m never going to get any studying done in my room!   And what is up with their profile picture?!?  This is not going to be good.”  Before you even meet them, you’ve totally made up your mind about them.  And really, that’s not very fair!

Maybe you’re a little worried that you won’t get along with them.  That’s normal - even for people who are rooming with someone they already know!  Just relax, there’s no point in freaking out before you even meet them.  So what if they don’t seem like someone you would have hung out with in high school?  Do yourself and your roommate a favor:   don’t make any pre-judgments.  Give yourself a chance to get to know them, all relationships take a little time and patience.

ImpressionsSometimes a roommate won’t become your BFFL.  That’s okay, sometimes a roommate is just a person you share a room with—many of us in Housing can tell you from our own experiences that this can be a good thing!  As long as you can maintain an environment where you can communicate and respect each other, you’ll be just fine.  You will meet tons of new people here at UNH.  If you and your roommate(s) don’t hit it off right away, no worries.   You will find someone who shares your interests!  Most people don’t spend all of their time in their rooms or with their roommates.



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