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After waiting anxiously, your housing assignment e-mail is finally here! You open the e-mail and it says….reserved housing?!? What does that mean? Don’t fear – below we’ve got answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What is reserved housing?

Reserved housing means that, while we guarantee we have a space for you, we do not have your exact room assigned yet. Think of it as a guaranteed waitlist. UNH has a policy of housing all first year students who request to live on campus, so don’t worry – we have room for you! Cancellations come in on a continual basis and we will make room assignments for those in reserved housing as quickly as possible.

Why me? Did I do something wrong?

Reserved housing doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Rooms are assigned by an automated assignment process which places all first year students who have submitted their application by the deadline. The process incorporates thousands of students and their individual preferences. Each year, there are students left in the pool after the first round of assignments are made – those students become the reserved housing group (that’s you). You didn’t do anything to land you here – it just happened. We know that you are anxiously awaiting your assignment, so we will work hard to get your assignment information out to you as soon as possible, promise!

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a room assignment yet?

No – you are not alone! Each year, we have succeeded in assigning reserved housing students to rooms and this year will be no exception. You will have an assignment prior to moving in so that you will still have time to connect with your roommate(s) and move in to your new space along with everyone else.

When will I get a housing assignment?

While changes happen constantly as cancellations are received, we try to incorporate your preferences so there is no way for us to predict when we will be able to assign you to a room. You could receive a housing assignment tomorrow or it could be a few weeks. All assignments will be made by mid-August, so you will definitely know where you will be living before you even need to start packing.

How will I know when I get a room?

When you are assigned to a room, we will send an email to your student UNH email account with the assignment. The email will give you the information you need to learn about your room assignment and roommate(s), if applicable.

Will I get the leftover rooms no one else wants?

Actually, many past students in reserved housing ended up being assigned to some of our most sought after halls! Please feel free to submit any additional preferences via email at or call our Call Center at (603)862-2120.

Can I talk to someone about this?

If you have further questions about reserved housing, please feel free to contact us via email at or call our Housing Call Center at (603)862-2120. We would be happy to answer your questions!

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