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First Year Fast Find

Living @ UNH

Some Tried and True Decorating Do's and Don'tS

Okay, so we have some rules...let's get those out of the way first! You can't remove any item of University equipment/furniture from the room or premises; you can't alter or replace the locks or install your own locks or security devices; you can't make any structural or electrical alterations to the room; you can't use nails, screws, bolts or decals on the furniture, walls, doors, woodwork, ceiling or floors; you can't remove the screens;and you can't build partitions or make alterations to the furniture.

So then, you ask, what do you use to hang stuff? Tape that doesn't remove the paint and wall finish (do a spot check first!), poster tack, and removable mounting products. But remember also, it's not just what you hang on the walls but what you put in your room that makes your room your home.

Some ideas: pillows, strings of lights, pop-up cubes, collapsable chairs, window scarfs, plants, XBox, Playstations, and such.

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