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Cable TV is really easy at UNH. All you need to do is bring a TV and the cable (coaxial 75 Ohm - you know, a cable TV cable) to connect it to the wall! Remember tho', that we are an all digital campus and your TV must have a QAM tuner to receive our digital signal. Usually if your flat-screen was purchased after 2007 that shouldn't be an issue, but be sure to check your owner's manual to make sure your TV will work on campus. We have over 100 channels (and most of them HD) for you to choose from including HBO, ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV and more. The Channel Line Up gives you a complete channel listing, amd there's even a printer-friendly version too.

If you have problems with setting up your cable or receiving all the channels, please first refer to our Set-Up Information. Plus we have a great FAQ section if you get really stumped! If you have verified all your settings and are still having problems, please give us a call 86-CABLE--we want to ensure your viewing pleasure!

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Channel Line-Up
Printable Channel Line-Up
Cable Set-Up Guide
Cable FAQs

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